What’s in a Name?


"The Wide Beyond”

People often ask, what’s the hardest part of painting?  Half jokingly, I’ll say, “Finding a title”.  On rare occasion, a title will come to me while I’m painting.  I’d better write it down immediately because in a few moments, the title will float out of my mind and off into the ethers of my studio, never to be retrieved.  

What is the painting about?  What was the feeling of the location?  Were there birds singing? Were there clouds gathering? Sometimes those questions will help lead to a title.  I know of one painter who will gather a group of friends, open several bottles of wine, and hold everyone hostage until a good title comes about.  

Sometimes book or song titles are fitting.  Bill Cramer titled his beautiful painting of the Confluence, “Let it Be”,  when it was under threat of development. 

I credit friend and collector, Donna Winarski, for coming up with the title for this piece.  The Winarski family stopped in for a visit several months ago and toured my studio.  Donna remarked about this painting.  I sighed and said I simply couldn’t come up with a fitting title.  Donna immediately responded, “The Wide Beyond!”.  Sometimes the most spontaneous reactions are the best.  That title was just right.  

The Wide Beyond will be available at the 10th Annual Celebration of Art September 15th

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