Welcome to my studio


From the back, looking forward


Looking toward the back

If you haven’t been here before, welcome!  When we purchased our home in 2008, the previous  owners had their hot tub in this little building.  The walls were bare concrete block and the ceiling was unfinished with exposed trusses.  The first project we did was to have the interior finished with linoleum on the floor, plus my old carpet from Jerome, plywood fastened to the walls and carpeting glued to that.  I can hammer in nails and pull them out without ever having to spackle or repaint!  In weeks to come, I’ll introduce you to some of the equipment, supplies and tools I use and a few amusing stories that go with them.  

Paintings come and go.  Once each year, just before Open Studios, I rehang everything, nice and even, categorized, and dusted.  Throughout the year, they travel to galleries or new homes.  That’s what creates the gaps and unevenness.  Next August, I’ll straighten them all out again.

And, by the way, this month mark 15 years since I first picked up a paint brush. At 47, I thought I was old then!  What an adventure! I never dreamed painting would take me this direction!  

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