Quest for the perfect pochade box-2


Meet the Alla Prima “Blackfoot” model from Montana woodworker and artist Ben Haggett.  This is the second pochade box I purchased back in about 2011.  It is a marvelous piece of equipment, very versatile, and all held together with magnets, springs and hinges.  As you see in the next photo, there is room in the lid to hold at least four canvases, both 8x10s and 6x8s.  


You hold onto the d-ring, pull that little door open and pull the whole lid back to reveal preloaded paints.  There’s a drawer on the right for a few tubes of paint and a tray that lifts out for increased work space.  A coil spring allows a painter to fit any size canvas onto the magnetically operated wood canvas supports.  No wing nuts, no screws, pretty easy on the hands.  When the lid comes down, there is a plunger that presses into the drawer to keep it locked in place. 


I really like this box, so why isn’t it my go-to pochade box?  It’s a little chunk, is heavier than my Open Box M,  and doesn’t fit right in my backpack.  The space for preloading paint is a little limited, but I can work around that.  That’s really not a good reason.  OK, I’m heading to the North July 11th.  I’ll take this one along and give it a go.  © Dawn Sutherland  2017