The time is drawing near for the 10th annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art.  The event begins on September 8th and culminates on September 15th with the morning “quick draw” and auction, then the evening reception for collectors.  Then on September 16th, the show is open to the public.  So, what’s involved in preparing for this event?  I’ll tell you, although it might take some of the romance out of the picture.  

First is practice, practice, practice.  I spend the year driving up to the Canyon to paint, sometimes every two weeks or so.  I’m lucky it’s only a 90 minute drive!  Then comes the nitty-gritty stuff.  I’ll need to have enough canvases to do up to four paintings each day, wet canvas carriers, and frames for all those canvases. I'll take some time to pre-drill them both horizontally and vertically.  What a time saver that is! And two years ago, it occurred to me that I can drill right through the protective packaging. Pack along screws, D-rings, wire, point driver and points (those quickly fasten the canvas into the frame) off-set clamps, tool bag with screw driver and pliers, and a couple of sheets of peel-off little gummy tabs to put on the corners of the paintings to protect walls.  Oh, and three bundles of cardboard boxes into which the paintings will go when finished.  

Then the actual painting equipment:  Paint, a jug of solvent, medium, brushes, paper towels, sketch book and pencils, and two pochade boxes.  Can’t forget my tripod!  

We’ll put my car top carrier on my Forester, stuff that car to the gills, and off I’ll go the morning of Sept. 7th.  I'll leave early and hope to get in a practice painting or two.  

Stan will stay home with our three cats.  I’ll let him know where I’m headed to paint each morning and afternoon, so watch my website.  If you’re heading up to the Canyon, I’d be delighted if you stopped by and watched!  © Dawn Sutherland  2017