“Paint what you love"


Several years ago, I received some very kind and astute advice from a friend, for whom I have deep respect.  I’d become quite fascinated with painting details deep in the complex geology of the Canyon.  My sales were lagging.  The advice I received was when people come to the Canyon, they see sky, horizon…and canyon.  "Put more sky in your paintings", he said.  He was right.  More paintings found homes when I started putting sky back in the picture.  

Sales are nice and certainly confirmation that one’s work has appeal.  However, selling isn’t everything.  Advice that is still ringing in my inner ear came from my very first teacher, Mr. Parsons.  “Don’t paint to sell; paint what you love”, he growled.  Hmmmm…  Well, neither approach needs to exclude the other.  I think I’ll do both!  I’ve been thinking of doing a series and calling it “The Intimate Canyon”.  You’ll still see paintings with sparkling clean morning sky and work come off the easel with the lazy, long, warm light of late afternoon.  However, as you can see in the photo above, there is something intriguing about the finite rhythmic detail of light and shadow, the glow of red light bouncing in the the depths, the rough and smooth textures , all composeing what is Grand Canyon.  Watch for these little gems to emerge in weeks and months to come, and let me know what you think.  

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