IMG_1352 - Version 2

“Night time"

I’ve always been fascinated with how painters accomplish a nocturne or night painting.  I especially admire the work of painter Michael Ome Untiedt.  Look him up; he does fascinating work of the old West.  One day, or night, I’m going to take my painting gear outside and try a night painting by full moon.  Until then, I can adjust photos on my computer to give me, mostly, a sense of moonlight.  I find a photo that will work well, and first take out all the color saturation.  Next I fiddle with the exposure, then the contrast until I have something that will give me a good reference.  In the photo above, I can play with the sky, making it much darker and place a few stars.  

One can indeed work a little color into a night painting as long as the colors remain cool, e.g., blues and greens with a hint of warmth for emphasis.  Values should also remain tight with perhaps a pop or glint of light at the focal point.  

I’m learning.  Watch that landscape page for more to come.  © Dawn Sutherland  2017