Oak Creek


Painting buddy, Bob, and I traveled down to the Verde Valley to do a little practicing before the Sedona Plein Air Festival.  Since several events will be held at wineries, we thought we’d visit Page Springs Cellars and take a look around.  We bumped into owner and vintner, Eric Glomski who advised us to check out a location creekside.  We did and stayed there painting the rest of the afternoon.  With our painting gear loaded on our backs, we found our way down a path to ledges along the creek.  I have to say, this was one of the most idyllic painting locations in which I’ve ever been.  Great blue herons plying the water for a meal, butterflies nectaring fall flowers along the bank, and the beautiful back light on the trees just made the whole scene heavenly.  I don’t often paint trees and water, so this was a challenge.  I drew my initial plan in my sketchbook, translated that to my 8”x10” canvas and got started.  Putting in the darks first, I was able to get a nice contrast where the sun hit the margins of the trees.  Now all I need to do is put in a fish leaping out of the water and a hungry heron nearby!  © Dawn Sutherland  2017