Meet my photographer


Ken evaluates


Ken and Pele

I’d like to introduce you to several important people in my life.  First in this short series is Ken, my photographer.  I’ve been seeing Ken ever since 2005 when I lived in Cottonwood.  I needed someone to photograph my paintings and make prints.  A painter friend of mine, Cody DeLong, recommended Kenny to me.  Kenny doesn’t try to impress me with his camera and computer prowess; he knows I have limited understanding and limited time.  He uses top of the line equipment and is meticulous in color adjusting and fine-tuning images for reproduction.  I’m often asked why I travel all the way to Cottonwood to have my paintings photographed and I say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  I like Kenny’s precision, his fine sense of humor, and excellent results.  And any man who exclaims over my fine histogram is OK with me!  © Dawn Sutherland  2017