Getting started


I had an idea.  I liked the image from our R2R hike where we were all heading out for supper on Plateau Point our first night.  I’d tried this image as an 11” x 14” piece which you can see on the landscape page.  So…why not try it in a bigger size?  22” x 28”.  I thought hard about how I wanted to start this piece.  I really wanted the bright, sunstruck portions to pop.  I covered the whole canvas with bluish purple paint, then sketched out the landforms and trail.  Why purple? It’s on the opposite side of the color wheel from yellow and orange. Putting the two together or one over the top, jazzes the eye.  Letting a bit of the purple undertone show through the warm yellowy-orange seems to give excitement and depth to the painting.  I feel it also serves to unify the overall look of the piece.  That was the easy part, however.  This was a large canvas.  Where to start?!  I love how the “supergroup” that dark layer, thrusts up in the reference photo.  I’ll start there.  Hours later, my paint brush had traveled all over the canvas, seemingly on its own.  And that’s how this one got started!

IMG_0769  © Dawn Sutherland  2017