This 3’x2’ partially finished painting is inspired by a rather narrow and exciting portion of the N. Kaibab Trail.  We were at a portion known as The Needle and paused to rest and look back at the trail before we slogged on up the steep incline. We’d been on the trail in the dark since 5 a.m. and now the sun was pouring into the canyon, striking the redwall and bouncing light everywhere.  This is what I love to capture, light reflecting in the shadows.  If you follow my work, you’ll know I rarely put people in a painting.  However, I’m considering placing a couple of hikers approaching the bend in the trail where that tilted rock is perched on the edge.  “Considering” because adding humans would help give the viewer a sense of scale.  On the other hand, perhaps the viewer would like to feel they have the trail all to themselves and visually “walk” along with their own private sense of adventure.  

The cool thing about oils is I can try placing a few hikers in the scene and if I don’t like it, I can easily wipe them out or paint them over.

I welcome your opinion!  © Dawn Sutherland  2017