A look inside


My work station


This is where I spend 90% of my time in the studio.  My easel is just to the left of the paper towel holder.  About five years ago, I realized I needed a much more efficient and versatile work station, so I ordered this cool thing.  The wooden lid lifts up and flips forward from the slot and covers everything up at the end of a painting session.  My favorite part of the day is opening it, sliding it back and revealing the awaiting piles of paint with their delicious oily fragrance.  On the side are two palette knives I use for mixing paint and often for applying paint to the canvas.  The blue and white tube is Gamblin’s solvent free gel, a medium that can be mixed with paint to change the texture.  Other items are a cake of brush soap in the round beige container, a glass scraper, and a cup for medium.  The brushes I use for painting lie on the side in the tray and the ones I currently use for a painting rest in the solvent can.  Inside the doors is a storage area where I keep additional solvent and medium.  At the end of the day, I’ll clean off all the paint in the middle of the glass palette, using the glass scraper, then wiping it down the a paper towel and a little bit of solvent.  I cover the paint with a thin newspaper bag which prevents it from getting a dried skin on top.  

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