Take a Hike


When you do a river trip, you go past a spot in Marble Canyon known as Triple Alcoves.  I researched “North Rim Hikes” before our trip and found there’s a hike that takes one to a site on the rim over Triple Alcoves. It’s a 30 mile drive on gravel road to get to this little half-mile hike.  Not difficult at all, but preparation for the heat is essential.  Bring that lunch, plenty of water, your hat, maybe that long-sleeved white shirt, and your kerchief.  Let’s go!

Watch for the turn offThe Long ViewQuick look backMiles to go.RanchHouse Rock ValleyElevation ChangeDecisionTrailheadPrickly poppyGoing onFound it!Just to make sure...The TrailLumpy earthFollow StanTrail guideThe edgeTo the eastWide viewLunchRafts!Two moreHOT!Return

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